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NFL Coleman Cooler Quad Chair Review 2019

NFL Cooler Quad Chair Review

This is my true and honest NFL Coleman Cooler Quad Chair Review.  I hope you find it useful.  Please leave a comment at the end if you have any questions!  I think this is a great chair and in this thorough product review, I am going to give you all of the reasons why!

When your’e sitting out in the hot sun Tailgating with your friends or at your child’s sporting event….  have you ever wished you had an icy cold drink at your fingertips?  Well, now it is possible with the chair of every man’s dream.  A NFL Football Logo chair with a built-in cooler!

NFL Coleman Cooler Quad Chair Review

Overall Rating:  

Dallas Cowboys Cooler Quad Chair

Price:    $35 to $39

Quality:     Excellent


  • Choose from 32 NFL Teams and Colors
  • Built-in 4- to 6-can soft cooler, program pouch, and cup holder
  • Canvas
  • Team logo printed on front and back
  • Matching carrying case with team logo for easy traveling
  • 17.5mm powder-coated steel frame
  • 300 lb weight rating

See All 32 Teams


This Coleman Cooler Quad Chair with Official NFL Logos is the perfect chair for Tailgating!

You can store 4-6 icy cold beverages of your choice in the built in cooler in the left arm of the chair.  You won’t even have to get up to go to the ice chest every time you need a cold one!

When you pop open the top of your icy cold beverage, you can set it in the built-in drink holder in the right arm of the chair.

It doesn’t get much better than this friends!

When you’re finished, your chair folds up easily and fits right inside its very own carrying case to match…. also with your Team’s logo on it!


Chair Uses

This chair would also be awesome for relaxing in many scenarios:Houston Texans Cooler Quad Chair

  • Tailgating for any sport.
  • At your child’s sporting event or practice.
  • Chilling at the Beach.
  • Relaxing by the pool.
  • Enjoying a backyard BBQ.
  • Sitting outside your RV in nature by a campfire or during the day.
  • Sitting by the river or by the ocean.
  • While you are catching or waiting for the big one! (fishing)
  • Sitting on your front porch or in your backyard.
  • Having a Garage or Yard Sale.

The ideas or endless.  Let me now if you can think of more uses for this awesome chair.  The uses are endless…



My favorite part of the chair is that is has a cooler in the left arm to keep your drinks icy cold.  You will never have to worry about being thirsty.  Let’s be honest, sometimes it gets extremely hot sitting outside.  In Texas it does for sure!  I also love the dink holder in the right arm of the chair.  It makes it so convenient.  You could set your cold drink in the drink holder and have 4 cold drinks waiting while you eat a delicious BBQ dinner.  You don’t even have to get up and your hand are free.

This chair is easy to get up from because the backrest is positioned in such a way to support you.  The chair is sturdy and unlike many camping or folding chairs, you will never feel like you are about to fall over.

This chair is super comfortable.

This chair holds up to 300 lbs.  It is extremely sturdy with a 17.5mm powder-coated steel frame. 

This chair is made of Canvas so it is super easy to clean.  If you spill something on it, you can just wipe it right off.  That makes it great for kids and even messy grown-ups!

You can order this chair with the Official NFL Logo and colors from 32 different Teams.  Which NFL Team is your favorite?  Take your pick!

This chair folds up easily and fits into its very own matching carrying case.  This makes it super convenient for traveling and carrying your chair anywhere that you need to go.  If you need to go to your child’s Football or Soccer practice, just grab your chair and throw it over your shoulder like a person.  It fits in youyr car or SUV easily.  You will never have to worry about having a place to sit!


I honestly do not see any cons to this chair.  I am happy with every aspect of it.

Video Review

Below is a video review that I think you will enjoy.  It outlines all of the features of the NFL Coleman Cooler Quad Chair.



This is a great chair all around and the uses for it are unlimited.  It is easy to carry.  You can just grab it and go even last minute.  I find it also to be extremely stylish with the NFL Team Logos and colors.  It is great to be able to choose your favorite NFL Team for your chair to show your support.

See Chair in 32 different NFL Teams



Let me know if you have purchased one of these chairs and if so, what you think of it.  If you do not already have one of these chairs, are you thinking about buying one?  If you have one, what is your favorite use for it?

Who is your favorite NFL Team and why?

I love hearing your thoughts and feedback!  I hope that you found this review helpful.

Lots of love!


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